Self​-​Titled EP

by Mike Traster

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released September 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Mike Traster Westland, Michigan

These are a collection of songs i've made for enjoyment. If you decide you like what i've created, i'd definitely love to know. You may follow me below if you wish.

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Track Name: Year of Disaster
I swear, if you, scream my fucking name, I’ll rip, your head, clean the fuck off, because I can’t, stand the sound of your voice, oh no, darling, I hate your fucking guts. Don’t tell me to calm down, I won’t, I’m not that kind of man, to let you walk all over me, I won’t give up, so get out of my life, i don’t need you here anymore. I trusted you with my heart and you told me, it best to go stand in that corner and shut up, but I won’t listen to your selfish lies. Darling, don’t you, try to take away, every, thing that, thing that I stand for, don’t you, destroy, everything I love, I swear, I’ll make, your life a living hell, don’t you, test me, this is not a dream, unless, it’s your, worst nightmare, so don’t, give me, give me that look, I’ll wipe, that smirk, right off your face. And in time, well I hope you see, that no man will be as good as me, no you’ll never, fin another one, another one like me.
Track Name: Sweeney Todd
There was a man, a barber at his best; oh he had a wife and a baby girl. But one dark day, another came to take away, everything that he loved, everything than he loved. And for 15 years he spent locked away, far from his life. Broken and ashamed, His name was Mr. Todd, Oh Sweeney Todd. He started to become insane. He had his barber knife, and he'd cut his pain. And when he returned, he'd find his girl missing. Thirsty for revenge, he’d cut once again, until he lured, his worst enemy. Mr. Todd would scream his name, the man who destroyed your wife, and took your daughter away. Would you slit his throat, take back everything. Or just throw it all away.
Track Name: Filthy Eyes Lead To Filthy Lies
I don’t feel the same anymore since you left me; you’ve taken a part of my heart and broke it to pieces. Sometimes I’d wish you come knocking at my door, so I don’t feel so alone anymore. I’ll bite my tongue and suffocate, waiting for these memories to pass me by. Do you feel the same? You fucking whore, you packed your bags and walked out that door. What am I supposed to do? I’m not the same, god please give me the strength to find my salvation. Cause’ I will mend this broken heart with paper and strings, maybe someday I’ll be okay. God damn the thought of your face left me falling to the floor, I’ll scream your name, but your name doesn’t exist anymore. I know I’ll be okay someday, until I find you in your grave. Maybe then I’ll move on with someone better than you, oh I’ll choke back tears and suffocate, baby you are the worst thing that ever happened to me, maybe I should just kill myself, cause life’s not worth living anymore. So why don’t you come now, come now sleep, why don’t you come now, come now, come now sleep.