The Darkest Shade of Blue - Single

by Mike Traster

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My only friend and enemy, your thoughts are so comforting yet scare me to death. Some call you a tragedy filled with lies and regret. You are one we know all too well, taking lives every chance you get. But fuck your sorrow, this will not be the end. Some nights I can't fall asleep because of you. My heart sinks because I know it's true. You've had me so close but I won't follow through. There are things in this life that we take for granted. Once it's gone you'll never know happiness. That is what you do, you take the smile right off my face and turn my world dark blue. But I can't blame you, sometimes we never know what you can do. Except for the living they know all too well, the heartache and pain that you can not help. The sound of your name is bitter sweet, and I can't escape you but won't admit defeat. The silence and darkness they play tricks on me. Calling you out to see what we will do if we give in. But I promise you I'll never let you win, nor for someone else I think we all need help. You're a fucking disease that we can not kill. Some call you sin, or a cowardice act. I call you suicide and I will get you back.


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Mike Traster Westland, Michigan

These are a collection of songs i've made for enjoyment. If you decide you like what i've created, i'd definitely love to know. You may follow me below if you wish.

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